Our Story

A team of creative individuals started 7TECH with the primary goal to create products in the mobile and automotive accessories categories that provides better products that exist currently. We are not limited to phones. Our Liquid Nano Screen Protectors work on tablets, notebooks, watches, glasses, pretty much any glass material, big or small. Phone holders that make it safe and easy to use while driving. Soon, protect the paint on your car with our newly developed ceramic coating for the paint.

Precision - We believe in providing precise, well designed professional products all passing professional standards of safety.

What We Provide -We provide fair pricing along with a warranty and return policy if not satisfied. Customer service is available 24/7 when you have questions

 Where 7TECH is going -In these fast changing times we must stay ahead of our competition and continually produce new and relevant products. Improving what we have is always an ongoing process. We won’t get stuck in the past.

Above that, we invest enormous efforts to stay loyal to our plant by using as less harmful material as possible, while challenging ourselves daily.

Don’t be a stranger! Contact us and share your thoughts: info@7techshop.com